Optimization & analytics

Improve customer conversions and website performance

Wonder why you never seem to get any leads from your website despite your best marketing efforts? Or which marketing campaigns are most effective in driving business for you? We can analyze your website and marketing data to answer these questions and provide actionable recommendations to improve the performance of your website and/or web marketing campaigns.

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Usability & Conversion Optimization

Our usability and conversion optimization reviews will increase the impact of your marketing spend by analyzing your website and marketing performance data to identify specific opportunities to increase conversion rates and the number of leads generated by your website.

Website Analytics

We can leverage Analytics to track users across a website or series of websites to gain actionable data to inform your marketing strategy and campaigns, including:

- Where site visitors came from, and left from

- User behavior – pages visited, time on site, conversions

- Demographics / visitor profile – location, device type, browser type

- Content performance – which pages perform best / worst

- How many visitors complete lead-generating activities

Our relationship with k2 has been invaluable and they have literally put us on the map in terms of organic search.

- Karen, Business Director

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