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Solutions for local and regional businesses

Taking advantage of local listings can help businesses gain top placement on the search engine result pages and exposure to many potential customers with little time and expense.

Some of the businesses that benefit greatly from local listings include:

  • Doctor’s and professional services offices
  • Credit unions and community banks
  • Spas
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Unlike marketing of a website using traditional SEO, not every query triggers the display of a local listing. Searches that contain the location within the search term itself, like [locksmiths new york city], and some searches for local-type terms, like [pizza], feature local listings on the results page.

The display of local listings on these search engine queries pushes the regular, organic results farther down the page. When this happens local results are the very first thing that your potential website visitor sees. Local listings are thus an essential component to a comprehensive web marketing campaign, even if you already have a traditional SEO program.

If you already have local listings, we can optimize your current business profile in each of the three major search engines using SEO best practices so that your listing appears at or near the top of the local results for terms related to your business.

Benefits of Local Listing Optimization


  • Increased search engine visibility and traffic in a short timeframe
  • Clicks to your website are free; setup costs are generally recovered in 1 to 3 months
  • Location-specific targeting
  • No editing of your current website required
  • Placement on regular and local-only searches
  • Target customers on mobile devices as well as laptop/desktop


Our relationship with k2 has been invaluable and they have literally put us on the map in terms of organic search.

- Karen, Business Director

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