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We offer a full spectrum of search marketing services with individually tailored solutions for each of our clients. Our emphasis on quality, performance and comprehensiveness makes us the ideal choice for any business.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business, goals, and budget, in order to identify the most effective search marketing tactics including:

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


  • Results take 6 to 10 months
  • Works best in metropolitan, high concentration areas or for national /eCommerce businesses
  • Fixed cost that is often lower on a per click basis than SEM – the only limit is the size of the market
  • Best for long term brand strategy and product growth


  • Immediate results
  • Works for all clients
  • May be more expensive than SEO – average cost per click typically ranges from $2 - $9 depending on the product / market
  • Best for specials, niche products / targets, campaigns requiring an immediate impact

Our relationship with k2 has been invaluable and they have literally put us on the map in terms of organic search.

- Karen, Business Director

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